DIY Self-Care Retreat

Hey, friend. It's time for a break. You deserve it. Right now would be a great time to go on a retreat, right? But they're too expensive or too far away?

What if you could treat yo'self?

You, my friend, are a sensitive, heart-centered, caring soul.

That means you give a lot of yourself.  

This might mean you are often tired, frustrated, or stressed.  

You need a break.  

It's time to treat yo'self!  

In other words, it's time to take care of yourself.  

What would it mean for you to feel more calm and relaxed?  

Would you be happier? Less stressed? Less frustrated?  

I'm talking an all-out cozy RETREAT weekend you can have in the comfort of your own home. 

Just imagine...

  • 2 full days completed planned out for you - not a care in the world!
  • Feeling like yourself again
  • Letting go of all this stress and overwhelm taking over your life
  • Allowing yourself time and space to be creative
  • Feeling like your mind, body, and soul has just been reset and is ready to live life fully

Doesn't that sound good? Mmm, yes, please!  

This retreat is normally $197 but I'm offering it to you for the one-time only price of $27. Go ahead, you know you need this!